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osmosis-membraneThe osmotic membrane is at the center of the Osmogenics product range.  The combination of the osmotic membrane's surface area together with its water transport rate are key elements in the process of power generation.

The physical construction of the osmotic membrane focuses on maximizing the  surface area of the membrane in a small a space as possible. This requirement results in the spirally wound tubes (Power-Pipes) as seen in cross-section in the picture.

In addition to keeping the physical size as small as possible, great care must be taken to protect the two micron membrane from the huge operational pressures.

 The strict physical structural constraints combined with the stringent and complex chemically requirements of the membrane combined with its ability to withstand very high internal pressures are all essential elements of the OsmoGen Power-Pipe design.

The design and innovative engineering of the membrane enables osmosis to occurs such that, for example, when rain water passes through the membrane to dilute salty water, it creates high pressure on the salty side of the membrane. This high pressure solution is then used to power a turbine enabling electrical energy to be generated.

This is a straightforward and carbon free method of harnessing the power of nature to suit today's modern living and today's power requirements. This is the first time small mobile devices have been made commercially available .

OsmoGen pipes green, silent power to where you need it, when you need it, 24 hours a day.

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